A zipline adventure with my father at The Broadmoor (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Sometimes the encouragement we need is simply a different perspective.

Nobody Makes It Alone offers workshops, coaching, resources from experts, and my own learnings/writing for you to leverage in your life and feel encouraged.

The story

I am a normal human raised with abnormally positive parents. Whether genetics or environment, the result is that finding something positive in every situation is second nature. When I realized that I can make a difference for others with this gift, Nobody Makes It Alone was born. From personal experience I know that when someone else sees our strength and believes in us, there is no limit to what we can do.

Professional Bio

I am an advocate for what companies (and the world!) most need to succeed: people. I bring an empathetic and strategic approach to the moments that matter in the employee journey, including transitions, change & transformation, and influencing executives. My perspective is rooted in business and enhanced by a deep understanding of the psychology of human behavior. With 20+ years in corporate working for companies including Accenture, MillerCoors and Citrix, I now lead a firm specializing in executive coaching and innovative talent program advisory.

What I consider some career peak moments will tell you a little more about the types of experience I bring, as well as how I make meaning:

  • Learned how to lead alongside a dynamic and outstanding team of organizational change professionals
  • Served three (eye-opening) years as a thought-partner to Chief People Officer (Donna Kimmel) as her Chief of Staff
  • Spoke on stage with one of the most brilliant communicators ever (Patti Sanchez at Duarte)
  • Continue to mentored by some of the greatest leaders I've encountered (Angela Schafer, Mark Goodman & John Bukowsky)
  • And, I daily experience the undeniable lift of a unfathomable amount of top-notch professionals in my network, which crosses employee experience, change management, communications, HR, academia, user experience, and technology. There is absolutely no question in my mind that nobody makes it alone.

Professionally, it's worth sharing, that one of the most important accomplishments thus far has been learning how to navigate the paradoxes of work and life.

  • I've cried at work... and also found my gifts within the walls of an office building.
  • I've declared my boundaries and protected my time... and let work seep in until it took over my life.
  • I've held back... until I learned that my voice is my most valuable contribution.
  • I feared failing... until trying became my goal and my joy.

Personal Bio (much more interesting!)

I once had a manager tell me in a performance review to “be more confident” and my face would flush every time I spoke in a meeting. The pressure I put on myself and the criticism I poured over every awkward interaction was so suffocating that I finally reached out to a therapist for help.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Until 5th grade, I was an audacious spirit who orchestrated the playground, spoke her mind, and never knew the voices that said I  good enough. It took motherhood, surrender, and a cross-country move, as well as a few ‘sink or swim’ situations to rediscover the soul of that little girl on the playground and to consciously create the person I want to be on a daily basis.

I’m still a work in progress, but I now enjoy the journey. One of the most significant moments was when a mentee told me in our first mentoring session, "I chose to work with you because you're so confident." And, of course I had to tell her so she would know: confidence comes in bits-and-pieces, trying and getting back up, claiming our 'wyrd', deciding our potential rather than letting someone else do it for us, and finding the people who build us up.

I love nothing more than to encourage other people to unleash their unique stories, gifts, and insights into the world.

I live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL but am a Colorado native (and a mountain-girl at heart!).


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Amy Haworth

CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

A wife, a mom, a daughter. A strong-coffee drinker. A reader. A recovering perfectionist. A fan of long, morning walks listening to podcasts. A believer in people, in God, and in miracles.

Twitter: @chng4good
Facebook: Nobody Makes It Alone
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