What people say about working with me

Amy is highly sought out by peers for her mentorship and coaching. She knows how to ask thoughtful yet deep questions without leading you to an answer. Amy can bring out the best version of you without judgment. This makes her a natural coach.

Tejal Tejal
Director, Marketing Operations & Data Analytics

Having Amy on your “personal” team means that you have the best partner for your growth. She creates a special place for you to evolve into the version of yourself you want to become by guiding your introspection across a broader spectrum of perspectives and possibilities.

Melissa Melissa
Transformation Leader

Amy is not comfortable with maintaining the status quo, but instead finds way to create amazing experiences through teaching people to embrace change, while transforming people and culture along the way. There are few people I would rate more highly as a colleague, partner, and personal inspiration.

Jenna Jenna
Real Estate and Operations Executive

Working with Amy has been transformational! She is a brilliant coach who has really supported me through a transitional period in my life & career. Highly intuitive and a great listener, she is able to uncover what gets in your way and is holding you back from moving forward with your goals.

Lourdes Lourdes
Sales Operations Leader

Whether I need a conversation to anchor in on my purpose and vision or strategize around an issue or opportunity, I walk away from time with Amy with a smile on my face, a renewed sense of purpose and more clarity, confidence and conviction to go get what I want to achieve! Everyone who is lucky enough to come in contact with her wants more of what I’ve heard some refer to as “the school of Amy.”

Sarah Carr Sarah
Senior Director, Organizational Development

Amy is the kind of leader who makes everyone around her want to show up as the best version of themself. She is a leader, team player, mentor and friend. I don’t know of a single person who has had the opportunity to work for her who would not agree that she is the gold standard in terms of leadership.

JenKlee Jen
Organizational Change Lead

Yanessa saw bigger impact with less time

Yanessa participated in an early version of the Elite Female Leader program, which included the Positive Intelligence program combined with group coaching.

“It has brought so many positive changes in my life that are noticeable. My husband says it’s the first self-improvement practice where he’s seen me investing less time but with excellent — and bigger — results. My kids, they also have realized I’m more calm, I’ve increased my patience, and I’ve learned to let go of the small things.”


Patsy coped with challenges on all fronts

Patsy dove into the Positive Intelligence program with full commitment. The results enabled her to have greater happiness and peace in her personal and professional domains.

“Working remotely, handling challenges in a remote environment, in the middle of COVID. This course has had an impact on my ability to handle challenges and handle anything that causes me to redirect my focus. [I’ve been able] to help people keep wanting to come to the plate to make a difference in the lives of others. When there are conflicts, to see all sides and help people reach resolution. On a personal note, I’ve walked through some pretty difficult experiences in the last six months. I’m so thankful for the tools available in the Positive Intelligence app.”