Falling asleep can be hard. But...what if it didn't have to be?

Feet, Head...Go to Bed tells the story of Patrick who has a hard time falling asleep. One night, his mom is feeling fatigued, frustrated, and, frankly, desperate for something (anything!) to get him to fall asleep. She tries an exercise she was taught long ago and leads Patrick through a relaxation of his body and a slowing of his breath. And, like MAGIC, Patrick goes from high-energy to sound-asleep in less than five minutes.

The book offers parents and children a tool to transform one of the most stressful experiences into a soothing transition. It's a practice with benefits far beyond bedtime -- children (and parents!) can apply the power of the breath in any situation where more calm and peace is needed.

In addition to the story in the book there is a script to lead the small humans in your life through the guided visualization at bedtime or you can listen to me lead the meditation below.

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Please note that the recorded content below is intended for parents to use as an example of the relaxation. Parents have complete discretion and decision authority as to whether this is acceptable for their child's circumstances and emotional composition. Under no circumstances will any blame or legal responsibility be held against the owner of this website, author or illustrator.