Handle life's challenges with more peace and improve relationships

  • 31% Better Performance
  • 3X More Creative
  • +++ Happier

Research with 500K participants found mental fitness to be the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential.

It's possible to live with more joy - no matter the circumstance.

This program isn't about changing who you are -- It's about rediscovering your truest self. Everything you need to navigate is already in you. It's who God made you to be.


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Don't wait to unlock the tools to live with ease and flow.

Stress, anxiety and worry are the emotions of the Saboteur (examples: Controller, Stickler, Pleaser, Hyperachiever). And, they're optional. Curiosity, joy, and clear-headed action are the emotions of the Sage (who you were designed to be). Learn brain-based techniques to broaden the neuropathways available in how you react and make meaning of life's events.

Bring Faith into the Conversation

The Positive Intelligence (PQ) program was not designed to be a spiritual program, but having led several cohorts ("PODs"), participants have gotten the best results when they brought their belief system into the discussion. And it makes sense -- in the PQ program, we talk about our 'true essence' and 'who we are made to be'. Sounds a lot like we're talking about God's design for our life. He wants us to live with radical joy and freedom, creating harmony in relationships and flowing (not fighting) life's challenges. Many coaches offer this program, but I offer a chance to experience it in the context of faith. When you select the program earmarked with "...in the context of the Christian belief system" you can expect prayer in our POD meeting, a willingness to examine the lessons in the context of Scripture, and permission for you to bring your faith into the conversation.


"This program, led by Amy, was a safe space to dig into a lifetime of internal narratives preventing me from living my best life. PQ reps are now a part of my everyday life, being aware of the saboteurs has helped me grow in both my personal and professional life, especially as a parent."


Operations Executive

"On a personal note, this has had a profound impact. I've walked through some pretty difficult circumstances the last six months and I'm so thankful for all of the tools available. There's so much available daily in the app that keeps me headed in a positive direction."


Learning Director

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Take a pause before you move past this moment. If this program speaks to your heart in a big or small way, I'd ask that you take time to explore further. Give me a call or send an email and I'd be happy to answer your questions and speak about my personal experience with this program and how it has given me the freedom to set boundaries, unravel the identity I'd built in the hyperachiever Saboteur, and transform conflict in my parenting. No pressure, just sharing about a life that was changed.