Build even stronger teams:

Positive Intelligence

Handle the inevitable challenges of life with more ease and flow – increase performance, happiness, and creativity.

 Option 1: App-based Transformational Program (7 weeks, 15-min/day)

Positive Intelligence is a 7-week exploration, primarily self-paced, and is based in neuroscience, positive psychology and performance science research. Developed by Stanford professor, Shirzad Chamine, you will become more aware of limiting beliefs you hold and internal monologues that don't serve you.

It's perfect if any of these sound familiar:

      • I am really hard on myself.
      • I'm surrounded by people and situations that stress me out – sometimes, so much so, that I can’t stop thinking about it.
      • If [insert] could be different, everything would be better.

Option 2: Assessment and Debrief (60-90 min)

In this interactive session, participants will meet their Saboteurs -- they can be the catalysts of your highest performance and deepest stress. Learn who they are and how to let them work in service of your highest and best.

It's perfect if any of these sound familiar:

      • There is conflict between members of my team.
      • My team is ready to breakthrough to new levels of performance.
      • We are under a lot of pressure and stress.


Build Even Stronger Leaders: Group or Individual Development Experiences (4-6 sessions):

  • Building Executive Presence: One of the most often cited ‘development areas’ necessary to reach more senior levels, executive presence can be elusive. People are often told “I’ll know it when I see it.” But it doesn’t have to be. In these sessions, we’ll reach a common understanding of the elements of executive presence and create actions and accountability for building more of it. With authenticity.
  • Become a More Confident Leader: This journey begins with personal values, covers your strengths and inner thought patterns, and ends with legacy. As a result, you know your purpose as a leader, can stand strong in inevitable challenges, and fully embody the confidence needed to navigate where there is no playbook (aka: leadership).
  • Women Supporting Women in Leadership: Something magical happens when women come together. This group harnesses the collective power of women encouraging each other to deepen their understanding of the pillars of leadership: self-awareness, empathy, and courage, while giving them the tools to be less self-critical.
  • Leading Change: Learn the best practices for leading change. Leaders will have opportunity to apply the concepts to a current initiative each is leading. Includes option to deepen learning with optional reading and group advisory.
  • Manager Mastermind: Facilitated cohort (4 people/cohort) that creates a safe place to learn from each other. Format includes accountability, topical learning, and ‘hive mind’.


Build Even Stronger Leaders: Individual Awareness

  • Energy Leadership Index: An attitudinal assessment and 90 minute debrief that highlights your patterns as lead yourself and others, while opening your ability to see additional choices and their impact on productive and sustainable action
  • DiSC (coming soon)
  • StandOut Strengths Assessment: Learn how other people experience you and the traits that inform how we tend to react in various situations.
  • Saboteurs Assessment: Discover how our greatest strengths can also be our sources of stress