Give the gift of GROWTH.

What if I told you that the gift you give this year has the possibility to change the life of the person who receives it?

It's true.

Whether it's "feeling lighter and more free" to what happened for one client this year who "saw positive improvements-- in my mood, my ability to regulate my emotions in the face of challenge, and in my overall joy", the gift you give this year can make a drastic difference.

I've put together gift certificate options for every price point. Any of these services are appropriate for ages 15+ (or younger people who are highly self-aware).

Please get in touch if you have any questions. If you'd like to purchase for a team, let me know and I can provide an invoice.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

An Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and 90 minute 1:1 coaching debrief brings jaw-dropping insights and opens possibilities.

  • This evidence-based assessment pinpoints where you are neglecting choices and options, especially in situations that cause you stress.
  • It will help you diagnose why you find yourself stuck, frustrated, or unable to break through to higher levels of impact and seem to attract the same type of people or situations into your life.
  • Unlike a personality assessment that points to 'fixed' characteristics, this is an attitudinal assessment to bring awareness to how you view the world (and this can change)

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1:1 Coaching

It's like the punchcard for coaching. Sometimes, there are situations where we need some additional support (a big meeting, a challenging conversation, a job interview, or a leadership transition). At these times, you may want to add coaching to your support system for one or two sessions rather than commit to a longer period of support or transformation. When that's the case, one of these packages may meet your need best.

  • 9-Session Package: (9) 1:1, 55-minute coaching sessions you can use any time you'd like. Save 15% compared to individual sessions ($1912)
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  • 5-Session Package: (5) 1:1, 55-minute coaching sessions you can use any time you'd like. Save 10% over individual coaching sessions ($1125)
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Positive Intelligence Program

The Positive Intelligence program creates a deeper sense of joy, resilience, and connection.

And, there's a global movement taking place as people all over the world learn the concepts and tools. This well-known program is a seven-week experience based on the research in the New York Times best seller, Positive Intelligence (audio & PDF included with the app). It can be done self-paced with content and coaching delivered via the app, or you can complement the individual components with 1:1 coaching.

  • Individual, Self-paced via the PQ app ($399)
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  • Self-paced via PQ app + 6, 1:1 Coaching Sessions ($1200)
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