Play Bigger Program

Ready to allow more of what your heart really wants? To ask and listen and then truly allow? To turn longings into living?

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Playing Bigger won’t happen without work and a commitment to putting the thought, ideas and tools into practice.

Transformational work is often not easy to commit to or to stick with. That’s where the sisterhood that we create comes into play. The magic of this program is in the 'life hack' tools we've curated, but's in the support we provide each other.

We believe the truth in the African proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

How it works

  • The program is two sessions on Saturday mornings.
  • Each cohort is limited to eight participants.
  • You will explore what vulnerability means, how it shows up, and what old stories you may have about it. As a result, you'll begin to see it as a teacher rather than something to run from. You'll dig into courage, explore tools to access and harness your inherent courage as you lean into the brave steps you are taking to create your future.
  • Pursuing your dreams, stepping into your truth, and speaking into the world will feel exhilarating and there will be moments of imperfection, learning, and pulling yourself back up when it doesn't go the way you'd hoped. That's not wrong! It's growth. And, to stay committed, you'll need to understand the power of your values and double-down on resilience tools.

See upcoming dates, prices and register at

What people are saying about the PLAY BIGGER program:

"This was a great experience! An opportunity to connect with like-minded women and discover the parts of myself that will enable me to play bigger in my life, and a toolkit to help me identify and manage what's holding me back so that I can get where I want to be."   

"This was a loving, safe yet powerful space to reveal ourselves to each other and trust we have all we need to Play Bigger!"

"This workshop was transformational in my journey toward increased self-awareness. I loved connecting with a small group of women I didn’t know in the beginning and feeling so connected to by the end. I am now ready to start living my life with courage and truth."

"Before the Play Bigger workshop, I felt like much of my holding back in the world was because of what people would think of me. After attending, I realized it's the shame I have about my own stories that's really holding me back. I'm grateful for the space that was created for me to realize this truth and now have the courage to show up more powerfully in the world. Thank you, Amy & Hazel!"

How and why did we create this?

Hazel and I have wanted to create a program that helps women step into their badass-ery, explore their truth (and how to be super courageous about it), and have great tools in their Wonder-Woman tool belt to move from longing to life.

When we launched it online in the summer of 2020, we quickly realized that we had brought together a community -- a sisterhood that was as powerful as the content that we were sharing.

Women showed up online in their slippers and let themselves be real in a way that doesn't happen all the time. They saw and supported other women. Together. We. All. Showed. Up.

The sisterhood is a pretty cool thing to experience.'s where we get stuck: this experience is really hard to describe in words. Because it's, well, an experience.