Positive Intelligence: Grow Your Mental Fitness

This transformative program was created by Shirzad Chamine who wrote the bestselling book “Positive Intelligence” and leads a graduate student course at Stanford on this work. The program is a synthesis of breakthroughs in:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cognitive and positive psychology
  • Performance science

The program is 6 weeks of content, with a follow-up week to close (so it really feels more like 7). It teaches mental fitness and will allow you to tame the judge and other ‘voices’ of your Saboteurs, while getting you acquainted with your Sage.

We all have unique, individual thought patterns and behaviors that generate negativity and lead to stress, worry, anxiety, frustration and unhappiness. This program will give you a deep understanding of your unique thought patterns and you will learn practical strategies to intercept and control them. Thanks to neuroplasticity we literally can reprogram connections in our brain to make it easier and easier to shift to a more curious, creative and focused version of ourselves who is much more able to handle challenges with less stress, more peace and happiness.

The Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program is offered to the public for $995. As a Positive Intelligence Coach, I am able to bring you this program for less than the public cost. AND...because I want everyone in the world to experience it. Please email me for more information. (I'd love to be able to display my offer for your consideration, but the terms of the organization do not allow me to do so. So, yes...I realize it's one more step you need to take, but I truly hope you do. It will be the email you're incredibly glad you sent!)

By participating in the program you will receive:

  • Weekly 1 Hour Video Sessions led by Shirzad Chamine. New mental fitness tools will be presented and you will be guided through some experiential exercises by Shirzad. (app supported)
  • Daily (Mon - Fri) Practice - 15 minutes total. Pushed to you on the app in 2-minute sessions every three hours.
  • Daily Progress Tracking
  • PDF of the Book “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine (First 8 Chapters)
  • Weekly Live Virtual Pod Meetings (45 mins) led by Amy to reinforce the learnings and drive accountability. Timing of meeting to be determined by group.

Your time commitment:

  • Watch one, 1-hour video every weekend. Self-paced.
  • Tuesday to Friday - Complete daily practice on the app of less than 15 minutes total. You can do this at your own pace, and you will be pushed 2-3 minutes of new content throughout the day. These are small snacks of positivity and practice -- and you are encouraged to complete content when you receive it.
  • Read or listen to the audio book of chapters 1-8 of the Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine
  • Attend weekly 45-minute, live virtual Pod meeting.



Amy has partnered with Positive Intelligence to deliver this program to you. You will have all the same resources as described in Positive Intelligence Program Overview