Not your average "training"

This is not training. It's a transformational experience that will help you reclaim the truest essence of yourself. This is the beginning of a lifelong practice of relinquishing debilitating self-talk, harmful criticism of self and others, and reclamation of the most innovative, solution-focused, empowered capacity that is already within you. The below outlines the components of this 7-week journey. Keep scrolling for a calendar view to understand how you engage each day. At the conclusion of the 7-weeks, the content remains available to you for a full year. You can learn more and find even more detail at the Positive Intelligence website.

Seven Video Modules

7 weeks of ~1 hr video sessions facilitated by the creator of Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine. These are pre-recorded and can be watched any time between Saturday and Monday.

Daily Bite-Sized Practices

Four times per day, you'll receive 3-4 minute insights and practices that help you rewire your neural pathways to intercept Saboteurs and boost your Sage.

Daily Reflections

Powerful questions prompt you to reflect on what you're learning. Adult learning is insight driven, and you'll look forward to these powerful prompts that unlock at the end of each day.

Exclusive App 

The majority of the program is with you whenever you have your phone. Whether you're driving, exercising or standing in a grocery line, the learning and practices meet you where you are (literally).

Weekly, Live 45-minute Meetings

Your POD (cohort) meets once-a-week for a coach-facilitated (me!) discussion at a time mutually convenient for everyone. The group encourages each other and is committed to sharing the journey together.

Positive Intelligence Book 

Audio or PDF of Chapters 1-8 of the New York Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence.

7 Week Daily Cadence

Example Schedule