If it’s not

"What are your non-negotiables?"

She turned to me. Inquisitive.

I received her question and then felt suspended.

The sure footing of having an immediate answer was nowhere to be found.


What I am unwilling to compromise?

The thought had never occurred to me.

I'd found my strength in finding ways to bend and navigate.

Never had I considered that I could be the rock the water had to circumvent.


I turned the word over in my mouth as I said it.

In my mind, I visualized the concept. Unable to consider it real until it had a form.

"Yes, non-negotiables. The aspects that you are unwilling to compromise. Perhaps it's a schedule. For many, it's a salary. It could be your intellectual property. But, I have a feeling, that for you, right now, it's the joy of freedom."

And, with that word "freedom", my soul's feet lifted from the ground and danced.

My mouth watered.

Freedom meant creativity.

Channeling my energy into the creation projects.

Resting when I need.

Building my dreams rather than someone else's.

Scheduling my day for spirt, body, and mind. And, afternoon school sports spectating and carline.


What a glorious concept.


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  1. Really enjoy reading your blogs. Wonder who was interviewing you. And what was end result?

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