Awe vs. Surprise

I was explaining my experience of God.

That I believe deeply in God and his/her power to help us, show up for us, speak with us.

But, when God actually does something explainable only through divine intervention…I find myself surprised.

The inner dialogue usually goes something like this:

“Wow! I’ve believed in you for as long as I can recall…yet, WOW…you’re actually real.”

The person I was speaking with paused and held an extra beat of silence between our words.

“Surprise is one thing. Awe is another.”

Surprise is what happens when we didn’t think it was possible.

Awe is another thing altogether. Awe is being amazed at God’s care for us, and what he/she is able and willing to do.

Awe vs. Surprise.

Both show us we are loved beyond measure.

Surprise contains a shred of doubt.

Awe never holds a speck of uncertainty. Awe waits expectantly with full faith that what we could possibly imagine won’t be close to what God is able to do.

Photo credit: Image by Perez Vöcking from Pixabay

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