Walk in the rain


In my mid-20s, the company I worked for closed its office in Colorado.

I was given an opportunity to relocate to one of their other U.S. locations.

I chose Portland, Oregon.

Moved there in January.

It rained. A lot.

I was alone. Inside a 400 sq ft studio apartment.

A lot.

One of my colleagues at our previous office location had also chosen to relocate to Portland.

He'd lived in Oregon once before.

He called me.

He said, "Go buy a raincoat. I'll pick you up at 2pm. We're going for a hike."

It's been one of the greatest lessons in my life.

Just because it's raining, all is not lost.

Buy a raincoat.

Go walk in the rain.

The rained-on world has a beauty all its own.

Greens are greener.

Smells are earthy. Alive.

Sounds are in the breeze, on the leaves, magnified without the hubbub drowning them out.

In fact, walking in the rain is a special, sacred moment.

When you're programmed to think rain is something to hunker down for, stay safe from...you miss the beauty that's there all its own.

If your world today is less than a sunny forecast, don't despair.

Grab a raincoat.

Go walk in the rain.


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  1. Absolutely love this… great timing!

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