When is the best time to do something you don’t feel like doing?

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Saturday, I slow-rolled through my day. I slept in until 8am and stayed in my pj’s until 10am. The day flew by and I felt the opposite of relaxed.

I felt behind.

Sunday, however, was a study in opposites.

My son woke me up at 5:45am and I didn’t mind.

By 8:00am, I had cleaned up the house and was on my way to hot yoga.

Already sweaty, I mowed the lawn as soon as I got home.

Then, was one of the first customers at our local mall when it opened, knocking off my to-do list of errands.

I felt ahead.

Even better…my weekend felt longer. Batching the “I don’t feel like it, but I need to…” tasks into the morning left the afternoon feeling open, free, and wide because I could see and feel multiple hours stacked on each other rather than bits and pieces.

I recently emailed a contact from Google. Her out of office response turned me on to this article about the best way to check email. It follows a similar principle.

The author recommends taking a few moments at the start of everyday deciding what will make you feel it was a successful day at the end. Then, getting started on those things first-thing. (Before you check email!)

“What most people typically find is that there are only one or two or three things that we truly need to accomplish for the day to be successful. Sure, you’ll do hundreds of things throughout the day, but the vast majority of them will not affect whether you consider your day to have been successful.”

Just because there are always things, notifications, information fighting for our attention doesn’t mean we have to give it instantaneously.

Carve out wide-open, un-fragmented spaces in your days.

It will feel (and be!) glorious.

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