Who else is waiting for this on every meeting agenda?

So much happens in a two-day meeting.

Heck, in an hour-long meeting.

Yet, rarely, does anyone take a few minutes to talk about how things went.

…to think about how we showed up…what you’ll do differently next time…

…to give some simple, easy feedback to a colleague about what you liked and what they could do to improve their effectiveness and impact next time…

There’s rarely a full-on overhaul required.

That’s why we seem to be content to pass over the chance to talk about the micro-adjustments.

The subtle changes that will have exponential impact.

The first time you do ‘stop/start’ or ‘I like/I wish’ people will roll their eyes (the nice ones will do it on the inside).

The first time you grab a colleague as you’re walking to the car and ask, “What should I adjust to show up better next time?”, she is likely to be a bit taken aback. She might need a few minutes to reflect, and to gauge if you’re really serious…and judge how honest she can be.

But, that’s just the first time. 

Once you make it consistent, people will expect it. They’ll understand that it truly makes a difference because they’ll see the adjustments you make. And, they’ll trust they can give you real, honest (helpful!) advice because you’ve appreciated their feedback and proven you’re on a mission to grow.

And, you’ll bring learning out into the open.

As a practice.

As a journey.

As a team effort.

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