Accept or Convert

Three words that have changed the way I do everything.

Accept or convert.

It's that easy, apparently.

While a piece of me wishes I'd known these three words sooner...I'm certainly glad to know them now.

I've been immersed in the Positive Intelligence curriculum for coaches for the past few months. One of the key teachings from Shirzad Chamaine is 'Accept or Convert'.

It's changed my life.

How many moments do we waste mired in regret, wishing it was different, guilt, shame, anger?

The beauty of 'accept or convert' is that being stuck in that muck is not an option.

We either accept it for what it is.


We convert it to a learning and a gift.

How to start practicing today:

  • Select anything that makes you stressed or unhappy
  • Pick a bucket: accept or convert
  • Put the troublesome trouble in the bucket
  • Notice what happens (Accept = Peace. Convert = Curiosity or laser-focused action to find the meaning/learning/gift in what it is. Either choice = Happy)


Go deeper:

  • For help with 'convert', here's a quick tutorial on how to find the gift with the Three Gift Technique

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