What’s the best leadership advice you’ve ever received?

This year, in addition to four unexpected annual review questionsI asked my team to share the leadership nuggets they’ve gathered over years of experience. Today, I invite us to share with each other:

What is the best leadership advice that you’ve ever received?

What one or two nuggets do you find priceless? What changed your perspective or amplified your impact?

Here’s what I gathered in my research:

  • You can’t invest in everyone equally. Invest where you see the greatest potential.
  • Ask leaders (outside of those you interact with regularly) for their input or perspective. (Broaden the net)
  • Instead of asking for ‘feedback’, ask for ‘advice’. (“What advice do you have?” yields much more information than “What feedback do you have?”)
  • Go where the energy is.
  • Always see people as people. They aren’t ‘resources’, skills, or icons (when looking up the hierarchy).

Please chime in. There are years of hard-won wisdom in the readership of this blog. Don’t be shy.

What is the best leadership advice you’ve ever given or been given?

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