Been learning…

Overwork comes quietly, sneaks in with justification and 5-minute lies.

The strongest friendships are the ones who forgive and understand before you did, the selfishness of surviving the deep end.

Listening lights up my heart. So does time alone.

Joy can be manifested into everything - it's our ability to rub two sticks together to create a blaze of energy in the world.

We are at the crux of an evolution: ill-equipped for sustained disruption, we will either deepen into the study of energy, spirituality, and connection... or we won't. It will be a personal decision that matters more than we will ever know. It will affect the lives of our children and their children, for generations to come.

The earth is crying out, but we (in America) continue to ignore it. Filling our cars, throwing our trash, lighting our homes. "Help. Me.," she says and we play deaf.

Judging ourselves and judging others is a defect, not a feature. Count how often it happens, every day. In your awareness, you'll begin to shift and a powerful healing energy will replace the fractures and bonds you've been in.

We were made to contribute our fingerprint. Our perfect contribution that only we can give.

In quiet, there is a voice. The more we are in that place of listening, the more we can identify it and hear it. Trusting it is liberating, energizing...and we find out quickly if it was self or the voice providing the words.

We choose each day whether to live consciously or unconsciously. Intentionally or unintentionally. Selfishly or unselfishly.



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