How to get the most out of life: “Ski the bumps”

There’s a moment when you have to lean downhill if you want to survive a run called Highline in Vail.

Every muscle in your body wants to turn your skis sideways. To safety.

But the funny thing is, to survive these moguls, you actually can’t do it by turning your edges toward the mountain.

You must point your tips downhill.

You must lose control to gain it.

There’s about two seconds when I panic. Just a little bit. Every time.

Before I do it, invariably, my fear-self has a movie-trailer flash of being pulled to a clinic on a first-aid sled.

But, then that channel goes fuzzy and a new trailer begins to play.

In this one, I see myself hit those bumps like an Olympian.

When we know we have to make an important step, an important conversation, or do something that scares us….

  • We must visualize the outcome we want.
  • We have to feel it in our body.
  • We have to “point our tips downhill” and go for it.

It may be the closest we ever come to flying.

[Check out this video to see the beauty that waits on the other side of pointing your tips downhill]


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