How to stand out, get ahead, and be the person people want on their team

It’s really quite simple.

Do more than what’s expected.

This is what ‘more than what’s expected’ will sound like:

“I heard from Stacy that Joe is doing really great in the role. She said it’s the first time she’s ever worked with someone on our team who is bringing her information, tools and resources without her having to ask for them.”

Did you hear it?

Joe does more than what’s expected.

This is what ‘more than what’s expected’ will look like:

I was sitting next to a colleague, Madison, in a meeting. She said, ‘Look at my new tool’. She had received a two-dimensional paper-based assessment from another employee and rather than use it as it was provided, she built a dynamic form that turned a boring piece of paper into a colorful, responsive visual chart.

I saw it.

Madison did more than what’s expected.

Every day we can ‘get by’. Or, we can challenge ourselves. And, let’s not get crazy here…you will run yourself ragged if you do more than what’s expected in EVERYTHING. You must choose, and choose strategically.

Here’s how.

  1. Identify what needs to be done.
  2. On that list, which of those items would have the most impact or value to you and the company if you do more than what’s expected? Pick one or two.
  3. For each of those two ideas, identify three ways you might do more than what’s expected.
  4. Pick what you will do that will set you apart.
  5. Then go do more than what’s expected.

Do this daily.

Do it with things you don’t even want to do.

You might surprise yourself at how exceptional you are.

And, you’ll definitely leave an impression on others.

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