Land three paid-speaker gigs in 2018

  • Register with a speaker bureau
  • Figure out my platform

Master the chin stand from Sunbird Bow in 2018

  • Attend an arm balance workshop
  • Every time there’s a chance to practice in class…do it
  • Ask yoga instructor for help

Publish my children’s book manuscript with a traditional publisher before I’m 45

  • Attend South Florida Writers Conference

Give $1M in scholarships to college-bound women in the next 40 years

  • Develop criteria for selection
  • Define how much each year to give away to reach $1M
  • Open a separate account to dedicate money
  • Align with Martin

Call my mom and dad 3x a week

  • Schedule it in my calendar

Own lakefront property before I’m 45

  • Visualize it
  • Decide if primary or secondary residence
  • Research best lakes

2019 Updates

Self-publish my children’s book manuscript by June 2019

  • Identify illustrator
  • Learn how to publish via Amazon

Submit book proposal to traditional publisher by August 2019

  • Identify topic
  • Find formatting guidelines


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