Your Beautiful Breath (Or, You’re Beautiful, Breath)

This will be interactive. Read. Then, do.


Breathe in. Deeply, until your lungs can fill no further.

Breathe out. Fully, until your lungs have nothing left inside.

Do it again.

Savoring the experience of being here. Now.


Recognizing the flow of the life force within us.

You may notice a sense of calm permeate your limbs.

Feel its goodness.

This is a goodness for which you didn't have to pay. You didn't have to go anywhere to get it.

It doesn't weigh anything and it doesn't take anything.

Our breath only gives.

This gift can help us sleep, decrease anxiety, and help us tap into the wisest part of our being.

Today, I offer you three resources to build a relationship with your beautiful breath.

  • My colleague, Sabarish, is assisting with this amazing workshop on the SKY Breath Meditation from The Art of Living. In 3 day days (3 hrs/day) you'll learn several breathing techniques that are backed by 70 independent studies with results including decreased anxiety and better sleep.
  • Sarah Blondin's podcast, Live Awake, is a soul-bath. It will transform what you see in yourself and in your life.
  • I made something just for you. If you'd like to let my voice guide you to your breath, it's here on YouTube.

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