Not a straight line

When it comes to making personal change, the idea that "the shortest path between two points is a straight line" doesn't necessarily prove true.

Want more confidence? 

  • Do yoga: you'll gain self-efficacy by taking risks on the mat, seeing your progress, and tuning in to the strength and capability of your body.

Want to speak up more?

  • Write: writing helps you clarify your thoughts. You become adept at building support for your ideas on paper, which will drastically increase your drive to share your ideas in public forums. And, the bonus, when you'll be more effective because you've already built your case.

Want to re-locate?

  • Travel: traveling new places helps you discern what you want to experience in the next place you live. You'll more quickly identify your wish list and the momentum will fuel you with motion towards your next home town. (This one is thanks to my friend, Melissa. Genius!)

Want to eat healthier?

  • Move your body: When you exercise, you will crave the fuel that gives you energy and naturally invest in the planning and prep to cook healthier meals.


Next time you're stuck and progress is elusive, try taking a less direct approach to the opportunity.

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