On Listening (Part 10)

Listening for Patterns


A few months ago, it finally dawned on me. I used my English major so often it had become me (or I had become it).

As I thought about what I do for work, I thought...I am analyzing a work of literature in the process of being written all.day.long.

My job is sense-making of characters, symbols, patterns, and themes.

So, to become a better listener, a truly great one, I guess what I'm saying is it's a good idea to read.

But, read like an English major.

This helpful study aid from Lewis College provides guidance on how to 'read like an English major'. https://lewisu.edu/writingcenter/pdf/final-writing-a-literary-analysis3212019.pdf

At a high level:

  1.  Identify the author's purpose
  2. Analyze key elements
  3. Connect Ideas

And, that, my friends, is fantastic guidance for how to be a truly great listener. (And/or build a career in organizational development).

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