On Listening (Part 7)

You’re listening right now.

To my words on this page.

I’m speaking to you.

And you’re speaking to you.

As your brain seeks to make meaning of these words.

For whatever reason, you decided you’d listen.

And, while you’re listening with your reading ears,

You won’t interrupt

You might decide you’re done with my words and close this book

For a while

Or maybe forever.

But, you’re a very good listening while you’re reading.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not a good listener.

You and I … we know the truth.


In our desire to make sense of the world, human beings are quick to generalize. You’re either a good listener or you’re not.

However, I am an anti-generalizer. I don’t believe we are either all one thing or the other.

We are a complexity.

Perhaps you’re reading this because someone told you that you lack listening skills and you’re working to improve.

Perhaps you’re reading this because you desire to heighten your presence or to experience more of the world through another sense.

Whatever the case, I wish to tell you something at this phase of the book.

You can do this.

You CAN get incrementally better at listening.

You already possess the capability. Now it’s about honing it.

Just as all of us possess the same anatomy, some of us will work our muscles and define them, growing stronger with repetition.

So, it is with listening.

Choosing to use our ears rather than our mouth creates a new strength in our senses.

And, it gets easier over time.

As you begin to realize you’re connecting more with others.

As you start to see you’re retaining facts and information others are providing.

As you learn from others rather than teach and tell.

The joy of listening starts to become its own reinforcing reward.


Listen to solve

Listen to respond

Listen to be right

Listen to understand

Listen to add to / build on

Listen to disagree

Listen to encourage

Listen to expand

Listen to decide

Listen to reflect

Listen to __________.


…Listen to…

Listen to listen.

To enjoy listening for what it is.

An act of being present.

Of letting words dance and delight on your ears.

Refraining from letting your tongue cut in.

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