Soul Dancers


And all at once, her soul lit up the sky

As she became

The wind in my hair

The rain on my face

The sun on my shoulders

The breath in my ear

She whispered I am here

I am there

I am.



On the day you left this place,

You guided my hand to your book on the shelf.

You were telling me then that you would still be here

You were saying good-bye

And in heart-words you told me you would still be with me.


And, so on days when I long to say "I'm sorry"

I stand by that bookshelf and my heart murmurs to yours

All the things I never said


Grief is a teacher of mighty things

Mostly, it's refrain: don't wait.

"Do that now", Grief urges.


I used to banter back a reason why I might delay.

Now, I nod and smile.

And, thanks to you, I do.




And that moment of great loss, became moment of great promise.

No longer limited by time and space, the mysteries of spirit both taunt us and care for us.

This has been a year of seeing too many friends gone way too soon.


I've learned how souls dance.

The sparkle in the water,

The freshness of morning,

The butterfly's wings,

The way my soul knows you're there.

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