Why we must stop saying “change is hard”

Why not instead:

"Change is fun."

"Change is growth."

"Change is progress."

"Change is the opposite of stagnation."

"Change is always happening."

"Change is life."

"Change is the goal."


Somehow, somewhere, someone said "Change is hard" and we took it for Truth.

Maybe it's someone's "truth" but it's certainly not THE Truth (with a capital 'T').

If we want to enjoy the best of what change has for it, we will adopt one of the alternate relationships with change.

Only then will it carry us to where we're meant to go.

Because, you see, humans are walking changes ourselves.

How much of you is the same as your two-year-old self?


If I were to write this as a bit of poetry pose, it would go like this:

And, just like that, she let the little truths that had been holding fly from her hands.

It reminded her of releasing a balloon bouquet into the sky.

The strings dancing through her fingers.

And the bounding balloons dancing on the altitude.

And, all the worry she'd carried about not letting them go was such a false, artificial thing.

Because only when she let them go were they able to be what they were meant to be.

She hadn't known.

That she held dancers rather than party decorations.

And, she mused about who had once decided that their purpose was so small?

Then made it truth passed between us?

With a sly grin, and a mission, she set about seeing all the stories of the things in the world a little differently.

With curiosity about the real opportunity in things.



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