Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

This quote is attributed to French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Since we’re spiritual beings, that makes our body the container of our ‘true’ selves.

If our container is simply a vehicle for our spirit, we must fill it up. We must fully embody it.

Interestingly, I started an online course How to Lead Like a Woman by Nicola Amadora, PhD. In it, Amadora devotes an entire lesson on the importance of our connection to our bodies. It is through this connection that we can access the qualities that help us lead from our strengths.

Amadora writes:

“A women leader draws strength and nurturance through a deep- rooted sense of connectedness and support. She needs to allow support from the earth and from other people too. This gives her access her real power, her intuition and all the feminine qualities that are essential for leadership. It helps her to make beneficial decisions, connect with people and be guided in the right direction.

Many women in the western world that I have worked with, are disassociated from their body and all too many reject their own bodies to the teeth. The belly is too fat, the wrinkles don’t look good, I am not beautiful. . .the list of judgment goes on and on. It causes women endless misery, but worse- it deprives us of essential nuturance and the very power that helps us to be impactful leaders. We need to be present in our bodies, so we can feel safe, grounded, guided and embodied in our leadership.”

We need to be present in our bodies.

Being present in the container of our spirit helps us to feel safe, grounded, and guided in our leadership.

It doesn’t advise what type of body we must have. It simply tells us we must be ‘in’ it.

For so long, I was out of my body.

I either didn’t notice it at all during the day or I spent time sending it messages that it was sub-par in some way.

The moment I included my body as part of the package of mind and spirit, I began seeing (and feeling) my leadership differently.

Want to tap into your power, intuition, and ability to connect?

  • Notice your limbs, your legs.
  • Set your feet on the ground and be in your body.
  • Fill it up with…you.


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