Standing at the Edge of the Unknown


I'm on the down-drop of a roller coaster.

Vacuum space in my gut, then my heart.

Is it fear?

No, I think it's space.

Expansive, wide-open.

Possibility panoramas.

My heart, then my throat.

A scream held? A sob caught? A laugh ready?

The edge of the unknown is all the things.

All at once.

A place where grief and hope and fear and freedom mix in the wind and unite in the air.

It's so rare and feels so electric, I usually run to find shelter of the sure.

But that's just a mixed-up masquerade.

I'm ready to trade the masquerade for the magic.

To absorb the alchemy of standing still in the threshold.

To find peace in the liminal.

To explore the deciding before making decisions.


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  1. Read this again this morning. Took my time to absorb and appreciate each sentence. You describe your feelings with such imagery.

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