Complete the Cycle

You've likely noticed it.

It's an itch when something didn't end the way you thought it would.

Or when there's an idea, project, or conversation that you're not done having...yet.

As humans, we understand story. There's a beginning, messy middle, and ending resolution.

So, when that resolution doesn't really resolve anything or comes is positioned in the wrong act of the story... we feel amiss.

The best thing to do is complete the cycle.

I was telling a former colleague about a SPARKED podcast guest (Jenny Blake) who introduced the acronym FONT into my life "Fear of Not Trying". Forget FOMO, FONT has my attention. The Jenny Blake episode is titled "How to know when to jump into your side-hustle" and it felt oh-so-appropriate for so many of us contemplating our dreams and our purpose.

She understood immediately as I shared that in my contemplation of what professional avenue comes next for me, there's something I must see through in my investment in my own business rather than return to corporate right away.

She said, "Oh ya. I get it. You need to complete the cycle."


[Oh, I love that! Complete the cycle.]

I knew I loved FONT, but until she put the words to it, I hadn't realized why.

FONT is all about needing to see something through.

Of completing the cycle.

We don't always know how the cycle will end, but we know we must get there.

Choosing a pre-mature exit ramp will always leave us wondering "what if I'd gone until I knew I was done?"

Today marks the official start of spring.

It's the end of one cycle and the start of another.

Someone somewhere chose this date because in whatever clime he/she/they live the first blooms break through some time about now, I guess.

Completing the cycle isn't an arbitrary date, however.

Completing the cycle is a feeling of wholeness. Doneness.

It's when the fear of not trying dissipates because we knows we've tried with all we've got.

We've given it our best, most courageous selves.

We've stepped in fully. And something held us there. Told us the fear of not trying was more powerful than the fear of failing. 

On this first day of spring... cheers to blooms and births.

To bringing something fresh into the world.

To creating and to trying our hearts out.



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