Commitment Is A Cannonball

This post starts with a demo. 22 seconds. Watch the video and then continue reading.

Did you see it?

Last week I began coursework for a (life)coaching credential. As you might suspect, therapists and coaches have to do internal work on self before they are ever allowed to be ‘helpers’ to others.

I assessed many aspects of my life – professional, spiritual, social, etc. and discovered areas of strength. I also earmarked areas I feel are important to improve.

Through the questions, I eventually narrowed investment areas to the top three, and was asked to set ‘next steps’ toward improvement. I thoughtfully designed do-able, concrete, measurable next steps on my journey towards being less of a people pleaser, making time for fun with my family, and feeling comfortable in my container.

Then I turned the page.

I stopped cold.

The next question asked me to define commitment.

Commitment is being ALL IN. Seeing something through to the end. With every ounce of my being. No matter what. 

Then…I was prompted to answer “How committed are you?”


I looked back on what I had selected to work on and the steps I had laid out to make progress.

Then I reviewed how I had defined ‘commitment’.

And, it was instantly clear:

Commitment is a cannonball.

I mean, did you SEE that kid in the video?

Have you DONE a cannonball?

The cannonballs-that-count require you to bend your knees and launch as high as you can in order to gain enough speed to harness the gravitational pull and hit the pool water with maximum splash.

Cannonballs are not a slinky and sleek low-profile dive into the water.

They are anything but a check-the-temperature-toe dip.

Cannonballs are the real deal that say “I’m doing this and I’m not turning back. In fact, my ‘doing this’ is going to be so big, so bold, so fully sure of itself that I’m giving it all I’ve got”.

That question… “How committed are you?” was actually asking me “Is this a toe-dip or a cannonball?”

Commitments worth cannonball-ing for are the ones that are worth doing at all.

If you’re not willing to cannonball on your 2019 commitments, don’t make them.

Save your energy.

Dig harder and find the ones that make you want to bend your knees, launch as high as you can, and make that splash.

(This guy is pretty good at them too…and he’s not a kid).