Car Line Moments

Any moment can be a connection-moment to the divine. For me, I feel God’s presence powerfully when I drop my son off at school. We say a prayer together as car line inches slowly forward. And, as he jumps out of the backseat and says “Bye, Mama” I look in the rear-view mirror to see him fastidiously organize himself and hustle through the gates into a little world that I am not part of. I’m overwhelmed by joy at these moments. Right then, the objects of life are vividly outlined. I’m not thinking about the rush of our morning, my dirty floors and emails to answer. There is only a thin veil between this world and the soulful world of spirit and heart.

Go deeper

  • One Thousand Gifts is beautifully written prose in book, blog or FaceBook post form that will help you begin to notice the little things (that are the big things)
  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast episode from 11/7/2017 with Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein and Mastin Kipp will point you to the power of presence in our lives
  • The car line prayer (it changes every day, but generally looks a bit like this. Make it your own!): Dear Heavenly Father – thank you for giving us this day. Thank you for this place we live, for the things that our eyes can see. For the way the clouds are moving across the sky. Let us notice you today, Lord. In all that we see. In the laughter of our friends, in the way our teachers can help us know things we didn’t know before. Go before us into the classroom. You already know what this day holds and we know that we’d like to experience it with you by our sides. Help us to talk to you today, to call out to you in the happy and hard times. Give us joy that lights up the room and lights up our world. And, let us give all the glory to you, God. Amen.


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