When It Rains in Florida

  When it rains in Florida…

  • I lay in bed and listen to the soundtrack. It gushes from the sky and its landing on the tile roof makes my heart joyful. The same kind of joy a fresh snow would bring me on a Colorado weekend. It’s the only time I use the snooze button. I snoozed my way through my workout time this morning in fact.
  • I stand at the window and watch in amazement. It’s like being behind a waterfall. The rain here is serious, tropical rain. I imagine the clouds filling, holding as much moisture as they can before they literally burst with their prize.
  • I marvel at the way it’s a curtain. When I drive, I can see it up ahead. A crystal clear border – first, there is no rain and the road is dry. Then, suddenly there is rain. Sheets of it. Then I drive out.

The rain reminds me of the adventure in moving new places and seeing new things. If we’d never taken a risk. If we’d never loaded up a Ryder truck. If we’d never said ‘yes’ to a new adventure, I’d never have known this rain.


  1. This is beautiful! I love your writing! 😊😊😊

    1. Yay! So fun to have you here. Thank you for your words and your ever-present support.

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