We are evolving, people.

I studied evolution in school. I’m sure you did too.
Not sure if you realize it, but we are in the midst of evolution. Right now. The world is changing around us so fast, we are learning/evolving the skills to cope.
There’s a reason that mindfulness is mainstream.
There’s a reason that yoga is the trendy workout.
There’s a reason you crave stillness, quiet, and feel like you’re losing your mind when you don’t get it.
We used to think we could ‘manage’ change to outcomes.
Now, I believe, we must build resilience. Trying to ‘manage change’ is futile.
And, the exciting part is that the opportunity to ride the wave of this change, with a toolbox of resilience, presents some of the biggest growth opportunities our world has ever encountered.
Instead of feeling change fatigue, what if we felt change enthusiasm.
Instead of feeling the pace and depth of change is too much, what if we jumped in and said ‘hallelujah’ let me learn something new.
Instead of feeling doubtful, cynical, apprehensive about yet another change, what if we felt curious and ready to experiment with something new.
What if we realized we are evolving. What if we used the energy we used to put forth in resistance to mine and find the tools that would make us thrive through this new world of seismic shifts?

These tools, the ones we find, are personal. They must work for us individually. The tools I’ve found in my own journey:
Time in nature: Always gives me perspective, gratitude, and makes me conscious that I am breathing, moving, alive.
Yoga: Moving meditation plus stillness. Bonus if the yoga instructor adds an uplifting, soul-building message.
Walking: Centuries of great minds have proclaimed the benefits of walking to our thought processes, our health, and our ability to be resilient. It’s easy and free.
Creativity: Whatever your creative outlet, do it. Leave behind statements like, “I should write/paint/draw/sing/play more” and actually do it. Do it until you can’t imagine not doing it.
Connection: An authentic conversation with a trusted friend.

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  1. I simply love the way you think! 😊

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