It’s fleeting and fragile.

Yesterday, the events in South Florida reminded us all of something. Something precious. I hugged my son a little tighter last night.

As I walked the halls at work, I saw TVs tuned to the local news.

Helicopter video followed the movement of SWAT teams.

Media interviewed high school kids who had shaky voices and who will be forever changed.

It was a replay, rerun, redo of April 20, 1999 when I had walked the halls in a different office. That office in Denver. That time, Columbine.

My heart breaks for our world. For these young lives. For lack of support to acknowledge and heal mental illness. For our inability to get guns out of the wrong hands.

Praying for the 17. Their families.

Placing my trust that “in all things, God works for the good of those who love him.”

Knowing that you. me. we. must be the change makers. 


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