What The Women’s Growth Collective Taught Me

In January 2023, ten women said "yes" to investing in a transformational growth journey.

We read four books, engaged daily with the Positive Intelligence app, supported each other with real-life challenges in peer advisory, and learned more about ourselves through an assessment and 1:1 coaching. (See more here: https://nobodymakesitalone.com/apply/)

This was the first time I had offered this program. Doing anything for the first time can be a little daunting for me. (Because the self-imposed pressure is real.)

Here are the top five things I learned. Perhaps some of these will apply to something new you're putting into the world, as well.

  1. Trust Yourself
    When creating anything new, trust your intuition and follow its lead. There were moments my inner-critic wanted me to bail. I was in their heads, imagining that they were disappointed in the experience... I second-guessed the alignment to what I find valuable and what was valuable to them.
  2. Craft the Framework, Trust the Magic
    As leaders, parents, and people, we want to imagine that we are in control. But one of the most extraordinary lessons that my experiences have taught me is that when we create the space and invite people in, something so much bigger than ourselves has room to happen. The content isn't the point. The people and what they bring are the main attraction. The magic is them.
  3. 1:1s Elicit Amazing Input
    When you ask for feedback or suggestions in a group...you might get crickets. But when you ask one-on-one, ideas pour out. Participants gave me ideas before the experience, during, and after. I tried asking in full group, in surveys, and 1:1. By far, people were most forthcoming in 1:1, especially when the context was ad hoc. Something to think about in our professional lives: might we have better performance reviews when it's not so formal? Might we create better products and solutions when input is gathered one-on-one? I don't know, but this is a thread I'll continue to pull to see what emerges. I hope you run some experiments of your own.
  4. It's a Process - The Outcome Arrives at the End
    When delivering a transformational experience that builds a bit at a time, it's important to refrain from declaring success or failure until it concludes. Just like in a story, the heroine must start in a current state with context and goals for growth. There is a rising action as she encounters new information, decides how it applies and what to do with it. The climax comes when she does something new, different, and brave. There is a falling action and resolution where she may need to tidy up and decides how to integrate the learnings moving forward. Each month of this journey presented an opportunity for a new narrative arc. And, how each participant felt at the end required a larger process to unfold. I learned that rather than look at success or failure in the micro, I needed to wait until the macro...until the journey had a chance to take place. How often do we do this in our projects, careers, and relationships? Keep the big picture. Be patient. There is growth happening that we may not see until much later.
  5. Know that You'll Do It Again
    I set out to offer this program because I had to. I was pulled forth by a deep desire to share tools that have been helpful to me in my own journey. I needed to curate this experience and offer it to others. I absolutely had to find out if I could help others, And, I didn't know if this would be one-time or many. I've often heard "don't decide to write a book; decide to write several books." I take that to mean that when you create, don't create just once -- create with the intention to keep creating.

At the end of it all, the words of the women who completed this journey leave me astounded at what we created together:

"Amazing curation of material, beautiful coaching."

[I liked...] "The openness and safe space to share and learn from each other."

"The experience of the Women's Growth Collective program from Amy was amazing. I got a better understanding on why I react to projects/discussions, and learned how to better navigate my responses. It also helped me understand me more, on what I actually want - and making it that my goal. Plus, I got to network with many other great professionals."

"The Women's Collective gave me an opportunity to get to know myself better through self reflection, but more importantly through the eyes of the other attendees. These other perspectives were so helpful and insightful. I learned a lot. Well worth the time and investment."

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