Write it down

"The overwhelm is suffocating." She crumbled as the words poured out.

She listed the competing priorities, the stagnant ideas, the completeness that alluded her...

...to the point that she couldn't pull herself forward.

Drowning in the to-do's (hers and others), she was paralyzed.

Write it down.

Pen and paper.

Write it out.

The to-do's are weighty.

The paper and pen are the 'moving dolly', the wagon, the set of hands to help you carry heavy things.

"Our brains don't function with overcrowding. Stream of consciousness. Write down everything inside jostling to be first in line," I said.


Most times, the answer to a complex problem is quite simple. But our brains are over stimulated like a Jedi starfighter traversing an asteroid field...simply trying to survive what's coming at it.


Instead, write it out. Stream of consciousness. No judgement. Just let the thoughts, to-do lists, and fragments pour out on paper.


Magic. (Some would say)


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