risky rides


  “The last thing you want to do is hitch-hike your way to success.”

His words hit like summer lightning followed by the deep resonance of unapologetic thunder.

The wisdom struck first as an illumination, pulling her out of dumbstruck automatic, to catch her breath and open her whole-self.

Its wisdom-command came next, reverberating the boundaries of her soul’s shelter.

They sat together in time, but 2700 miles apart.

Perspectives like a prism, fracturing truths and raising possibilities.

Her mentor-teacher was explaining the merits of having a direction.

Of narrowing her focus.

And his one metaphor made all the difference in the world.

Because she knew she was never made to hitch-hike.

She’d never been one for random chances or risky rides.

It was time to mark a path guided by waypoints and a destination in mind.

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