I told them I would. So I am.

I told them I would.

So I am.

I have 11 minutes.

Not enough time to write anything meaningful or magical.

But, just enough to keep my commitment.

I almost didn't.

I reasoned and justified.

I did other things.

But, I told them I would.

So I am.


In November of 2022, a wonderful human I met on my gig-working journey asked if I'd consider forming a mastermind group with her. She always impressed me, and I felt honored she thought of me to participate.

We prayed. We talked. We invited.

Two other women joined us and since January, we've been meeting monthly for 90 minutes.

Our format is this:

  • Opening (8 min / 2 min each): Share your “accountability update"
  • Learning (10 min)
  • Hivemind (32 min / 1 min to describe challenge / 7 mins input from group)
  • Pledge (4 min/ 1 min each)

We've seen follow through resulting in websites refreshed, conference pitches submitted, book outlines produced, and products created.

From each other, we've learned about strategic planning, marketing funnels, SEO optimization and branding.

And, we've helped each other get unstuck.

Yesterday, my pledge was to start writing again.

I committed to write every day on this blog from 3/3 until 3/16 (our next meeting).

It's 6:26am.

The prose is rusty.

My brain's writing path overgrown after months of neglect.


I told them I would.

So I am.

Never underestimate the power of accountability (and a few bad*ss women who want you to succeed and won't let you off the hook).

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