Being seen

Think of a time you felt truly seen.

When you received a moment, a word, a noticing that cut through the noise.

Maybe it landed in a way that broke open your heart. Leaving it swollen and hollowed out at the same time.

Or like that time when you sat at the kitchen table during a storm and a neighbor stopped by. The gust of wind rushed in and made you huddle and smile at the same time.

For me personally, something happened in the last few months that made me catch my breath.

It was a regular day.

Regular sorting through the Inbox.


I received an email from a woman I admired deeply, but had only interacted with in a cursory way. I had been a student in a course she facilitated.

I had reached out to let her know that I had moved through the hiring process with the company she works for and I would be joining as a contractor.

Her response in email was this:

My comment when I learned you were trying out is “Amy's everything that’s good about the [xyz company]!”

We’ll transition you into this as smoothly as possible to empower you simply to be you.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, my dear.

You’re Home.

I.Felt. Seen.

This didn’t cost the company anything. But it garnered my willingness to bring all of me to the role. It gave me permission to show up with what I have to offer… all of it. And, it created an instant feeling of belonging. No “program” needed.

It was offered by a human who knows how to see people.

Seeing people means looking for their gifts. Then celebrating those gifts with "MORE OF THAT".

When we see people, it's the most joyous celebration. In the seeing, we realize we are all so much better with each other who are here.

It's become too easy to judge people against a standard of uniformity (or conformity) when God's creativity is on display. He divvied up his whole divinity so that we'd each be able to contribute our bit.

When we see what's extraordinary about a person, our job is not to compare them to us or us to them.

It's simply to stand back and applaud!

MORE OF THAT! More of that!!!



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