Claim Your Knowing

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Throughout our life, it's likely we've sensed what was right and true for us.

I call this our 'knowing'.

I've always known I will write a book, for example. While I have no idea exactly how this will happen or when, I know it at a soul level.

I knew for several years that I needed to be spending my time coaching, but couldn't bear to leave the security of a full time job in order to do it. So, the universe helped me out in 2021 and made that decision for me.

Just yesterday, I had conversations with two parents who named a particular situation with their children where they knew the answers from the doctors weren't enough. And, they pushed for more explanation. They honored their knowing, and guess what? There was, indeed, more to that story. There was explanation beyond what the doctors had given. It took specialists, more research, more experiments but the solution saved a child's life. Theirs. If they had ignored the knowing and accepted what was given, the consequences would have been dire.

What we know at a soul level may not be obvious initially. But it's there.

In my experience, the obstacle to connecting with it isn't anything other than permission.

We hear it all the time...trying to speak to us.

But sometimes what it tells us is:

  • The hard thing
  • Feels like a risk
  • Disruptive

...and so we turn the volume down, we pretend to ignore it, or we procrastinate acting on it.

But, our knowing has our ultimate best in mind. It won't fail us.

Rather than dancing around it, claim it!

It's a wrapped gift with your name (and your name alone!) on it.

Give yourself permission to go where it leads. One step at a time, discover that there's actually nothing to fear...only discoveries to be made on the journey that has been mapped for you.

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