Critical Path

“Critical path” is a term used to describe the must-have steps between “here” and “there” that are essential in order to get something done.

Last week, there was some frustration on a project because some members perceived that another member wasn’t responding in a timely way to the tasks that were essential for another piece of the project to move forward.

But that team member never knew. She never knew she was on the critical path.

The revelation was outstanding. And, the responsibility for that missing tidbit of information belonged to all of us. Me, her, the other project team members.

One of the project team members exclaimed, “Heck, I’m probably on someone’s critical path and I don’t even know it.”

And, she’s right. Everyone is trying to get something done. Their ‘something’ might be the difference between a bonus, their project’s success or a conversation with their boss. For you, however, their ‘something’ is not the something between your bonus, your project’s success or a conversation with your boss.

But until you do your part, they are stuck.

At a standstill.

Burning fuel but going nowhere.

In this busy, busy world of work, we need to make sure we are looking at where others are trying to go as much as we have our own eyes on the road we’re traveling.

Being on the critical path is an important place to be.

And, it’s more enjoyable to know when you’re there.

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