Let change surprise you

When change is done to us, we pull back. Find our shell. Hide away. Anticipating pain.

The default is fear.

Yet, with careful intention, we can put a new thought between change and retreat.

What if this change is good?

This past week, I spent time encouraging a team who is gearing up for a shake-up in their work environment. They are moving to a more open workspace, and many are transitioning out of offices.

My encouragement has been a simple request.

“Be open to the possibility that this change might surprise you in a positive way.”

Right now, they can’t even imagine anything good coming of it.

  • I don’t want to tell them the benefits and what they will be.
  • I don’t want to ask them to tow the corporate line.

I simply want them to be slightly to the left of neutral.

To be on the lookout.

To receive the moments they encounter unanticipated goodness.

To acknowledge the surprise “I never would’ve guessed…” , “That felt good…”, “That made my life easier…”

Too far right of neutral, sitting in a place of swirl/disgust/resentment will only amplify moments to confirm their negative bias.

But, sitting in a space of anticipation for surprise has a very different impact.

Is something changing around you? Have you decided you don’t like it?

Instead, what if…

What if you decide to be open to the possibility that this change will surprise you?

Then, wait…with an open heart…and see what beautiful things begin to happen.

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