Recipe Saturday: Chicken (or Beef) Satay

Many of you know that I’ve been cooking with less carbs, more veggies and more healthy fats. I put full-fat coconut milk (from a can) in my coffee instead of Coffeemate and and have fallen in love with the taste of ghee.

Un-learning the food pyramid and the low-fat craze of the 80s has been liberating. The tastes are decadent. The best part is that I feel leaner and more energetic.

Today’s Recipe Saturday is aligned with this new way of eating. And, the dipping sauce can be used to dip veggies or add a Tablespoon to the nutrient-rich, wrinkle removing bone broth that is all the rage these days. (It tastes a bit like miso soup and some fresh cilantro makes it even better).

I would serve this one to guests. (One of the qualifiers for sharing it with you).

Happy Saturday!

Chicken (or Beef) Satay

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