Regret Check

One thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to have regrets. Especially, the big kind that are un-fixable, and leave that hollow kind of feeling in my heart.

What is a regret? I’m sure there is an official definition, but I think of it as something that we never did that we knew we should. It’s a time that we prioritized something (most likely ourselves) over a relationship, or doing something that was in the best interest of someone else. It’s what happens when something unimportant and urgent usurps something important and un-urgent.

Today, do a regret check.

1 years from now, what will you wish you had been doing…but aren’t?
2 years from now, who do you wish you’d called/seen/spent time with…but haven’t?
3 years from now, what do you wish you’d learned…but are ‘just too busy’?
4 years from now, what memories do you wish you had…but it’s all a blur?
5 years from now, who do you wish you’d reconciled with…but avoid?
6 years from now, what gifts do you wish you would’ve developed…but rationalize doing nothing by telling yourself you don’t have anything special?
7 years from now, what risks do you wish you would’ve taken…but seem too scary?

Living life with no regrets might mean you do a regret check every once-in-awhile. Then, prioritize what really matters.

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