“Release” vs. “Change”

She was talking about her journey towards a 'leaner' self. And, her language made all the difference.

Rather than "losing weight" she "released the fat".

This got me thinking.

  • Instead of fighting to keep old habits in place, what if we release them?
  • Rather than feel bad/sad/bitter about a more distant friendship, what if we release it?
  • As a proxy for disappointment, what if we release the expectation that it would be anything other than what it is?

See, the thing is...our beliefs and behaviors may be residual from past stories, past habits that used to serve us, or past mindsets that protected us from pain.

And when we recognize we don't want them anymore, we set our sights on making a change.

But "changing" them sounds like a lot of work.

"Changing" implies there must be a replacement...something to GO towards that allows us to leave something else behind.

In contrast, when we "release" something, there's no pressure to put something in its place.

We just simply loosen our grasp...

...and let it go.


P.S.: This concept was so powerful to me that it led me to a whole new way of fueling my body. I've been releasing old habits (and old fat!) and have enjoyed every bit of letting it go. It served its purpose, and for that I am grateful (and telling it so with gratitude!). We're parting ways on good terms, and I'm not replacing it with anything (including any decision on whether this is permanent or any judgement on whether it's good or bad). Instead, I'm just enjoying what it's been opening up to me day-by-day.

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