Where are you ‘phoning it in’?

“I am completely obsessed. And the audience wants that; they pay for that. I don’t want to see someone who’s kind of into it. … That’s what I care about. That’s all I care about. I don’t care what you do—I just want to see people and talk to people and be around people who are into it.”
- Jerry Seinfeld


What comes up for you when you read the quote?

I read it this week in this fabulous little newsletter I subscribe to called Farnham Street.

My brain's reaction as I digested this quote was an inventory of where I'm 'completely into it' and where I'm not.

To me, this is a different way to reflect on Derek Siver's famous "It's either 'HELL YEAH!', or no."

What about you?

Coach with me or coach yourself through simple reflection on your answers.

  1. What would you say you're completely obsessed with?
  2. What would others say you're completely obsessed with?
  3. Where are you 'phoning it in' and what is the impact of that on what you're producing?
  4. What would be the impact to your relationships, your work, and your life if you showed up 'completely into it'? (Whatever 'it' might be...)

Passion begets passion.
It also begets clarity and trust.
It's magnetic.
And, it pours out the gift of living vividly into the world.

Why put your light on dim and navigate neutral?

This week, turn your light on and let the energy of your obsessions shine into the world.

Remember, there is no one like you.
No one else shares your perspective or your exact gifts.
And, because of that, Light spreaders...take those things that bring you alive and let them shine.

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