Soul massage

If you acknowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then it’s not so far to leap.

We recognize the power of massage for our physical bodies.

It’s time we recognize and enact massage for our soul.

I was at a early morning yoga class on Saturday. The class was winding down, and as we always do in the final stage of class, we were in the pose called pigeon.

It is my absolute favorite pose because it stretches the hip flexors, which is where I pack away emotion, fear, anger — everything. It always feels oh-so-good, plus it’s a ‘resting pose’ so I’m focused on how good it feels rather than the the work of class.

When the calm-spirited yoga teacher laid her hands gently on my back, and pushed just a wee-little-bit to deepen the stretch, my soul felt it.

A soul massage brings more joy to your life. It’s a bit of transcendence sprinkled into our lives like pixie dust.

Unlike physical massage, it doesn’t usually cost money and it doesn’t come in 50-minute packages. Maybe it’s a:

  • A walk at sunrise
  • Laughing with friends
  • An exquisite tasting meal

The most interesting thing, however, is that when you recognize the tender connection made with your soul, it amplifies the joy.

Invite your soul to connect with your physical self. Together, you’ll begin to notice your human experience…and relish the moments of intersection when your physical and soulful self connect.

You’ll know the connection has been made by the deep soul-joy you’ll feel.

To get started, just be aware.

Aware of a joy that feels deeper. Different.

Smile when you feel it as a way of acknowledging the intersection.

And, soak it in. 


  1. Dear Amy, Having watched Citrix become a company in South Florida and grow over the years, I was curious to see how the Chief of Staff would relate to Mindfulness and I truly enjoyed all that you had to say. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing the path you have taken with Mindfulness. I am a devoted Course of Miracles believer who knows that we are bigger than who and what we have been taught to believe we are. I learned this late in life. Having just turned my 76 year, I am aware of being aware of who I AM. Meditation is the way to open our hearts and pursue the love we are meant to know and be. Mindfulness is what I wish we Seniors knew about during our working career years. It sure would have made the walk quicker to being the authentic person we really are. Meditation has opened up a channel for everyone to grow. Namaste

  2. Mary – your story of finding your true self through this gentle practice that is available to us is so powerful. I heard recently ‘Prayer is when we talk. Meditation is when we listen’. Just as in our physical life, in our spiritual life too…amazing things happen when we listen. Always remember you are right where you are supposed to be. I absolutely agree that mindfulness opens a whole new level of life and the sooner we can help people discover it … the better! Thank you for for taking your time today to tune into the Mindfulness@Work summit. I’ll see you here again soon.

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