Walk it off

What’s your ritual to think (and feel) through a big decision?

Just like Olympic athletes have a process to prepare for their big event, what’s your tried-and-true process to find clarity?

I used to power through. I used to simply decide when the uncomfortable sensation became too much to bear.

Until I discovered a process that works for me. I found it through trial and error. Now, it’s led me to the right place so many times that it’s a playbook. A routine.

Whenever I need to know the way:

  • I wake up early (even earlier than normal. I don’t want to feel rushed).
  • In the stillness of the morning before I set feet my on the ground, I play through the possible scenarios under consideration and feel the excitement (or lack of it) in my being. I gauge whether any of those scenarios would cause me to jump out of bed ready to hit the ground running.
  • I drink a couple cups of strong coffee.
  • Just as the sky is beginning to get pink, I got outside and get as close to nature as I can.
  • I break a sweat while listening to an author, spiritual leader, expert in the field of business, spirituality, or psychology talk about (you guessed it) business, spirituality or psychology.
  • I walk. And, walk. And, walk.
  • I walk until I know the next step.

Sometimes the next step isn’t the end. I don’t necessarily reach a solution. But, I know what I must do next in order to get closer to the answer.

If you’ve never taken time to know your process, think about it today.

Let’s learn from each other. Leave your tips and ideas in the comments.

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