What would you do if you were not afraid?

I read the front of the greeting card standing in Whole Foods. It was as if some powerful spell had been cast from across the produce section — I was frozen in my tracks.

The running list of answers scrolling through my head do not matter.

What matters is the running list of things scrolling through yours.

Fear is a funny thing. It creeps up, masquerading as a protective barrier against pain. Yet, over time, that ‘protective’ sheath winds its way around our limbs, like roots in an enchanted forest. Before too long, we’ve become tied to a place, a self, an existence without a change in our view of the world, of our self, of our strength. The stability can create a sense of false safety. Being held back and being ‘safe’ are not the same.

To move on, to break the spell, we must ask…what would we do if we weren’t afraid of casting off this protective layer? To where would we venture? How would we get to where we really want to go?

We know we’ve encountered the right question when, in our heart of hearts, we can provide a quick answer.

Our soul always knows the answer.

Answers can be scary.

Today – find a safe place to put your answer on paper. Simply write it down. For some of you, that will be enough. For now.

Perhaps it’s a tough conversation? A delicate question? An act of boldness? A life-changing decision?

Ask: What would I do if I was not afraid? Then do it.

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  1. More wise words and suggestions. And the picture generated a healthy laugh!

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