Choose your friends wisely

Your friends are your teachers, your encouragers.

They are also your limits.

Choose wisely.

In this week’s podcast from Seth Godin, we learn how learning occurs.

I heard it while driving home from an annual weekend with my best friends from high school.

After 30 years and thousands of miles apart, I immediately know when I’m with them how much their fingerprints cover my beliefs at that period in life — beliefs about the world and about myself.

The amazing women with whom I spent 6th-12th grade. Photo taken a few days ago.

So, here’s the thing.

If you want to grow, find a tribe who knows a little about the ways you’re looking to grow.

Wanting to get more fit? Find a cross-fit gym or yoga studio and surround yourself.

Wanting to develop a more optimistic and positive mindset? Find some friends with that attitude and surround yourself with encouraging books and audio.

We’re physiologically made to learn by looking for clues from the ‘teachers’ among us.

Be intentional about your teachers.


Be an intentional teacher.

There’s always someone learning from what you bring into the world.

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